Who is R.A.W?

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Ryan Anthony Ward is a professional artist, designer and creative, with client experience ranging from small businesses and independent music artists, to huge corporate identities. He is currently putting a huge focus on Graphic Design, 3D MoGraph & FUI/Title Design.

He is a humble guy with a great attitude towards clients and colleagues alike, who is eager to learn new things, constantly expanding his skills/knowledge on anything he applies himself to. He has the proven ability to work effectively and efficiently both by himself and as part of a team, requiring little direction due to his strong self-motivation and passion for art/design.

View Ryan's resume here, for more comprehensive info on his background and experience.

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, Octane Render
Hardware: Custom built PC with dual GTX GPU's, 15" MacBook Pro (late-2016)
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