LUNA is a personal project, produced as homework for Learn Squared's 'Main Title Design' course, taught by the legend Ash Thorp. The course aims to develop conception and storytelling skills, through conveying moving image title sequences as polished still frames. These can then be animated for the final cut once approved; working this way allows for refined concepts to be expressed and evaluated, without 'wasting' any time on animation. If the stills work, then the animation should too. The course obviously tests technical skills/knowledge as well, and helps you develop a structured workflow that can be used on professional projects.

The Moon was created and rendered in Cinema 4D + Octane Render, the stars were generated using Photoshop's noise filter, and the images of earth were heavily re-touched/cropped pictures from NASA. The type was created in Illustrator, and everything was composed in Photoshop.

I can not recommend the course enough; if you're interested in enrolling (which you should be), visit Learn Squared.
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