Ryan Anthony Ward is a freelance creative, specialising in Graphic + FUI + Motion Design. His work spans Feature Film, Television, Advertising, Music and Corporate, being fortunate enough to work on a diverse range of projects, both solo and alongside a variety of talented teams. Ryan is internally driven by a curious mind, a genuine passion for his craft, and a burning desire for self-improvement; always making sure to retain a humble, down-to-Earth attitude in the process. His creative output varies greatly; from complex, futuristic visuals, to minimal, grid-based Swiss design, so feel free to get in touch about anything you think he could help bring to life.


Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Designer + Animator
NDA: TV (2020) - Designer
NDA: Film (2021) - Designer
Audi - VW - Facebook - IKEA - Nissan - NOS Energy

Territory Studio, Unit Image / Motion Design
23RDC, The Many (formerly Mistress LA), etc.

If you'd like to collaborate with a hard-working creative who possesses a diverse range of skills and a great attitude, please feel free to get in touch. E-mail - ryan@ryananthonyward.co.uk.

Location: Doncaster, UK (UTC +1) ︎ 
Working remotely, anytime, with anyone.