BEYOND is a short CG film, based on the idea of who/where we are, and what lies beyond both this physical universe, and our inevitable mortality. The following is a prologue of what is to come further down the line. The point of this film is to not only create an inspiring piece that provokes thought about our incredible existence, but also to create an avenue for me to express my own thoughts on life, whilst pushing my artistic skills to new levels.

Everything is self-made and 100% CGI, using a combination of Cinema 4D, Octane Render and After Effects to achieve the final frames. Technically, the only non-CG part are the image textures used for the Moon and Saturn. The score was made by me as well, utilising some super simple techniques in the surprisingly powerful Garageband. BEYOND will be in the works for a while, to ensure I create something super special; the following is just the sum of around 1 week of solid work.

STILL FRAMES: here are a selection of still frames from the short prologue, exported directly from the final sequence.

BTS: here are some screenshots that show how some of the shots were brought together. Both the Earth sunrise and galaxy fly-through (as well as the background stars in every shot), were made entirely in After Effects, utilising 100% built-in tools, taking a methodological approach and problem solving countless times. Surprisingly simple techniques (such as CC Ball Action and Fractal Noise) were used to create an infinite universe that's entirely procedural and completely editable; which I find truly awesome.

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