Ryan Anthony Ward : Artist. Designer. Creative.
Freelance - Graphic Design. FUI Design. 3D MoGraph. CGI.

Ryan Anthony Ward is a freelance artist, designer and creative, specialising in Graphic Design, FUI Design and 3D MoGraph for a range of creative media; being fortunate enough to work with large companies such as Audi, Volkswagen and IKEA, as well as a range of smaller businesses and independent music artists, working both solo and alongside an array of talented teams and studios.

He puts an intense focus on personal and professional development, constantly developing his skills/knowledge, taking courses from online schools like Learn Squared, and always creating in-depth personal projects, that progressively raise his own bar for personal standards each and every time. Ryan is a humble guy with a great attitude towards clients and colleagues alike, having the proven ability to work effectively both by himself and as part of a team, requiring little direction due to his strong self-motivation and raw passion for his craft. 

Ryan is currently available for; freelance work, temporary contracts, commissions and collaborations (passion projects are good fun). He is a multi-disciplinary artist, so please feel free to get in touch about anything you think he could help bring to life at ryan@ryananthonyward.co.uk, or by using the form below.
Thank you very much for your enquiry: Ryan will be in touch as soon as possible.
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