ONE SMALL STEP - is a personal project, produced as homework for Main Title Design, a Learn Squared class taught by the legend Ash Thorp. The project aims to improve technical skills/knowledge and practice/refine an effective workflow, whilst producing a set of beautiful style frames. A limited set of base imagery was provided, most of which was in a square aspect ratio and had problems such as blown-out levels and artefacts, meaning that great thought had to go into the editing and framing of these. All images were substantially edited by me.

Everything was created using Photoshop and Illustrator, focusing on speedy delivery of concepts, as opposed to lengthy delivery of perfectly polished, useable frames. I can not recommend the course enough; if you're interested in enrolling (which you should be), visit Learn Squared.

Mad props to Ash Thorp and Learn Squared for sharing such incredibly useful knowledge with everyone.
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